About Apex Soft's Pledge / Mortgage Management Software

Pledge / Mortgage Management software relies on a complex architecture that can integrate with credit facility, securitization, and servicing features that allow you to work.
Is Easy To Use / Powerful / Reasonably Priced / A Very Useful Product For Your Company.

Sell Upgrades & Extras

Raise additional funding by offering reward level upgrades and extras to your backers.

Dynamic Product Survey

Run backers through a branded dynamic product survey that lets backers review and finalize their pledge.

Collect & Validate Addresses

Validate backer shipping addresses to prevent returned packages and reduce costs.

Tablet & Mobile Friendly

Our responsive checkout experience looks great on any device -- desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Survey Form Validation

Form validation ensures backers receive precisely the products they've paid for.

Multiple Payment Methods

Backers can pay for reward level upgrades and extras with either a credit card or PayPal.

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